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Personalized Medical Care Services in Mexico

A premier service of comfort and convenience for the medical repatriation of migrants with severe work-related injuries.

Personalized Medical Care in Mexico

A premier service of comfort and convenience for the repatriation of migrants with severe work-related injuries.

We understand and address the complex occupational health phenomenon of the so-called medical repatriation of migrant workers as a global health concern

 We Connect Patients to Leading Medical Care in Mexico 

Medical emergencies happen all the time, with Allista finding the appropriate care is simple. When you or a patient suffers from an accident abroad, getting the right care can become difficult. This is mainly due to the life-threatening nature of a medical emergency that requires medical attention and immediate internment to a medical facility. Without the right insurance, hospitals are not always equipped to deal with migrant patients. Repatriation of migrants for medical reasons (also sometimes called medical deportation) makes it possible for patients to return to their native country to receive proper medical treatment. Allista seamlessly carries out the medical repatriation process for migrants by connecting patients to Mexico’s leading hospitals.

Our premier service assures comfort, convenience, and compassionate care to patients who have suffered from work-related injuries resulting in severe impairments such as TBIs. Our service is personalized, pairing patients with a hospital that suits their specific long-term health needs. Through our partnership with medical institutions and services like Americas Hospital and Hospital en Casa, patients can experience the same kind of chronic care they would receive in the US. Doctors are medically trained to deal with all sorts of cases and situations, allowing for appropriate attention to a patient's medical needs.

We connect patients with recovery programs and medical care that are critical for their long-term health and well-being.

 Medical Programs & Services

Treatments Available in Mexico

Some of the medical services we help migrants return to Mexico to receive:

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