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3 Reasons Why Medical Deportation is an Ethical Practice

For obvious reasons, “deportation” can be a highly contentious issue. Many immigrants face deportation from the United States for reasons that are not clearly defined by law, leading many to feel that the practice is unethical and corrupt. Medical deportation, however, is a separate practice. Medical deportation refers to the deportation of immigrants—documented or undocumented—who…

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3 Ways A Case Manager Can Help Immigrants In Need of Medical Care

Navigating US healthcare and insurance systems can be challenging regardless of the circumstances, but these challenges are especially challenging for immigrants and their families. For immigrants with language barriers and/or questions about how immigrant status will affect care options, a well-trained case manager can really make a difference. Case Management involves the assessment, care coordination,…

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Finding Chronic Care Solutions for Repatriated Patients

Chronic Care Solutions

No matter where you are from, finding chronic care can be extremely difficult. Insurers rarely want to give a policy to somebody with a preexisting condition, or if they do, it comes at a steep price. This is doubly true for migrant workers who not only struggle with their health challenges but also have to…

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What Is Case Management and How Does It Affect Migrants

what is case management

Case management is an integral component of the health care system, designed to deliver services to the enrolled patients in a holistic, cost-effective manner while preserving the quality of care. The matter, however, becomes a bit trickier for migrants who run into various challenges when seeking physical or mental care like access to health insurance,…

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Ensuring the Right Case Management Process for Immigrant Patients

case management Allista

Immigrants from around the world require culturally responsive evaluation and treatment planning for their medical needs. However, factors like the language barrier, poor health insurance policies, and immigration status are frequently not taken into account. The answer to incorporating the best medical repatriation practices for immigration lies in efficient case management process in social work…

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