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3 Reasons Why an Immigrant Would Be Deported

Many scenarios can lead to deportation from the United States. Many myths and misunderstandings about deportation have muddied the waters, making it harder to know what can and can’t legally result in deportation. Understanding some of the most common situations that may lead to deportation can help you to separate immigration myths from the facts…

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The Choices Medical Professionals Have to Care for Undocumented Immigrants

The current political environment has affected the immigration status of many individuals. From DREAMers to those seeking asylum, many groups are experiencing uncertainty in their immigration status. This has created challenges for health care professionals who are trying to treat every patient with dignity and care. For undocumented immigrants, there are two options for treatment:…

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Mexico Hospitals and Medical Repatriation in the USA

mexico hospitals Allista

Mexico hospitals are playing an important role in the medical repatriation of immigrant patients located in US and Canadian hospitals.  Most of the time, patients are illegal immigrants without any medical insurance and ability to pay.  Hospitals in the USA are legally required to treat all medical emergency patients until they are in a stable…

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Medical Deportations and the Effect on Undocumented Immigrants

medical deportations Allista

Immigrant health care policy is a highly crucial and controversial subject of discussion. This issue needs a rapid conclusion considering the soaring costs of healthcare facilities and illegal status of the immigrant in need. Many hospitals singly, or in a joint venture with the private transport companies, function as an unauthorized immigration officer and deport…

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