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Mexico Hospitals and Medical Repatriation in the USA

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Mexico hospitals are playing an important role in the medical repatriation of immigrant patients located in US and Canadian hospitals.  Most of the time, patients are illegal immigrants without any medical insurance and ability to pay.  Hospitals in the USA are legally required to treat all medical emergency patients until they are in a stable…

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Exploring the Choices: Healthcare for Migrants

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In today’s society immigration health care is a major cause for concern. Low-income immigrants lack health insurance. This is due to inadequacy in their access to public insurance like Medicaid or Children’s Health insurance programs as well as private job-based health insurance.  Immigrants are often associated with jobs in low insurance coverage sectors like agriculture,…

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How to Incorporate the Best Medical Repatriation Practices in Immigration

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Undocumented immigrant patients have put the medical faculty and international governments in a big dilemma worldwide. Hospitals are expected to accept any patient who presents to the emergency department. When patients who have an illegal immigration profile, it becomes challenging for hospitals to provide care, especially when they require ongoing medical care. They become at…

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Immigration Health Care Options – Information, Facts, and Tips

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Every human being, immigrant or not, has the right to life and preservation of health and well-being, international human rights law and domestic law and immigrants’ rights as per the constitution of our country. Immigration health care, this is a right of every immigrant. In the U.S, immigrants make up about 13% of the total…

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