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Common Therapy Practices for Work Related Injuries

  Work related injuries are far too common for employees in physically-demanding jobs, and they can often be devastating. In the aftermath of an injury, employees will need to navigate the options for short or long-term therapy. Some injuries may require more than one type of therapy or require mental health specialists to help alleviate…

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5 Difficult Situations Faced by Medical Personnel

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  On a good day, healthcare professionals face their fair share of challenges: work overload, the risk of burnout, lack of recognition of their effort and commitment… But in some cases, notably, when treating immigrants, difficult situations arise that make it even more challenging to obtain a positive outcome, both for medical personnel and patients.…

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How Mexican Hospitals Treat Traumatic Brain Injury Patients

traumatic brain injury treatment Allista

A traumatic brain injury, or TBI, occurs when a blow to the head or an object penetrates the skull, resulting in a disruption in the way that the brain usually functions. This can happen during a work-related accident, such as a fall, or during other violent incidents such as car crashes or a building collapse.…

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How to Find the Right Home Care Services for Migrant Patients

home care services

Home care services are an excellent alternative for people who need assistance on a regular basis, be it for health reasons, or because of age. Access to such services, however, may prove problematic for migrants. Why Hire Home Care Services Providers There can be many reasons why you’d need services provided at home, but typically…

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How a Physical Injury at Work Affects Emotional Health As Well

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Dealing with Depression After a Physical Injury at Work Migrant workers are amongst the most vulnerable members of society in the US. They routinely face adverse conditions such as poverty, lack of adequate housing, isolation from their community and families, and exclusion from medical services due to their migrant/illegal immigrant status. To make matters worse,…

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Health Analysis – Healthcare Costs in Mexico vs. United States

healthcare costs in Mexico

In the United States, immigrants make up about 13% of the total population. Health care facilities fail to provide adequate care to immigrants, especially undocumented immigrants. In addition, workers on temporary visas and legal permanent residents, who do not yet qualify for support are finding it hard to seek care. Finally, the consequences of insufficient…

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Chronic Care Management Solutions in the Health Industry

chronic care management

Chronic Care Management involves ongoing care, education, and oversight activities by healthcare professionals to help patients understand their condition, to modify their lifestyle to adapt to their status, and successfully live with it. Chronic diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, lupus, multiple sclerosis and sleep apnea require frequent follow-up, regular monitoring, and ongoing care.…

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