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Medical Repatriation Case Study – Alexandra Pérez

Occupational Therapy Treatment of Adult Female TBI


Clinical Case: Alexandra is a 30-year-old living in Southern California since her family’s relocation from Guadalajara, her childhood home, where she works for an independent interior decorating business. In early-2018, she was left seriously injured after falling off a ladder at her job.


Background Information

Alexandra describes her work as “incredibly rewarding” in terms of freedom and personal fulfillment, but also describes it as “very challenging”. While she could’ve selected another area to cut costs in her life, she thought that skipping health insurance would be okay if it was only for a short time. After all, it is less likely that a 30-year-old has any age-related illness than it is for somebody much older. Unfortunately, she identifies this decision as “one of her worst”.

Her fall from a ladder in early-2018 resulted in a serious Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), putting her in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of a local hospital for over two weeks. Though her doctors recommended much more care for her, she could no longer afford to stay in that hospital and was left scrambling for other options.


Allista Chronic Care Solutions

Fortunately for Alexandra, her financial saving grace was within arms reach. A childhood friend of hers, Allista-contracted caseworker, Ashley Jimenez-Acosta, approached the new TBI-patient with a solution to her problem, medical repatriation. Ashley worked with Alexandra’s hospital to arrange for her relocation to Americas Hospital in her home country of Guadalajara, Mexico. Here she could get the appropriate treatments and personal care for a fraction of the cost of the American Health Care System.

Following her relocation, she spent over a month in the Intensive Care Unit of America’s Hospital where she needed a tracheostomy, ventilator, and feeding tube before being transferred to the hospital’s inpatient care center. For the following six months, Alexandra stayed in the inpatient care center where she partook in an occupational therapy program designed by the Americas Hospital team and her caseworker.

This program was designed to bring Alexandra not only back to her pre-accident physical state, but into a healthy mental state as well. That said, her program entailed a combination of physical and emotional therapies to maximize her opportunity to fully return to her occupations.



Fast forward to the summer of 2019, and Alexandra has already re-immigrated to the United States.

“If you asked me a year ago today whether or not I could continue working at the job I love, I would’ve said not at all. But with the help from Allista, Americas Hospital, and Ashley, I can afford to move back to the states, continue to work for a company she’s passionate about and live a full and healthy life”.

Alexandra recommends Allista and Americas Hospital to anyone who is struggling from the intense financial burden of chronic care in the United States. Whatever your circumstance is, Allista may have a solution for you.


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