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Mexico Hospitals and Medical Repatriation in the USA

mexico hospitals AllistaMexico hospitals are playing an important role in the medical repatriation of immigrant patients located in US and Canadian hospitals.  Most of the time, patients are illegal immigrants without any medical insurance and ability to pay.  Hospitals in the USA are legally required to treat all medical emergency patients until they are in a stable condition. This is irrespective of their residential status, immigrant status, insurance status or ability to pay. This is in line with the US policy of rights to life and preservation of health and well-being. Once the patient is stable, the hospital is required to discharge the patient to a suitable facility such as a nursing facility, rehabilitation center, or to their home.


mexico hospital Allista

Issues that Plague Medical Repatriation in the USA

  • If the patient is an illegal immigrant and lacks medical insurance, it becomes difficult for the hospital to discharge the patient. Not many institutions are willing to accept a patient that requires ongoing care. Many times the only option is to repatriate these patients to their homeland where they might not receive adequate care. Specialized Mexico hospitals such as Hospital America have stepped in to meet this growing demand.
  • Often, patients stay in the hospital much beyond the necessary period, and hospitals are ill-equipped to handle such situations. Other healthcare institutions may also be unwilling to accept patients who lack medical coverage. Continued hospitalization of such patients incurs indefinite and increased costs for the hospital, which may not be compensated and also blocks the beds for other patients in need.

In 2012, the American Medical Association added an opinion to the Code of Medical Ethics. This states, among other things, “a discharge plan should be developed without regard to the socioeconomic status, immigration status, or other clinically irrelevant considerations.

Mexico hospitals Allista

Role of Mexico Hospitals in Medical Repatriation

Healthcare costs in Mexico are a fraction of the cost in the USA and Canada. Mexican hospitals such as Hospital en Casa, have been established to be the best solution for the USA and Canadian institutions to repatriate severely injured migrant workers and their families successfully. In Mexico, Guadalajara has come up as a leading medical destination for patients seeking care. In addition, the medical costs for hospitals in Guadalajara are one-third of what one would pay in the USA.

Services like Allista work alongside families of the patient and various hospitals across the USA and Canada to successfully, ethically, and legally repatriate patients who require continued and ongoing medical attention. Some of the common practices adopted by Allista to ensure the best medical repatriation are:

  • A professional such as a nurse or a doctor provides medical care with compassion and respect for all patients irrespective of their socioeconomic status.
  • An understanding by the patient and/or his family that repatriation is in their best interests.
  • Providing due medical support and care to the patient during the process of repatriation.
  • The consent of the patient or family who signs a proper form after understanding that he/she is being returned to his homeland for further treatment of his condition.

Specialized Mexican Hospitals associated with Allista ensure an ethical and legal way of repatriation, make sure proper procedures are followed, and care is undertaken in the seemingly murky and unclear waters of medical deportations.


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