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Study Proves Significant Satisfaction with Medical Care in Mexico

Have you heard the news? A recent study has shown that those who seek medical services in Mexico have a high level of satisfaction with their care. For many, this is something you already knew from experiencing medical care in Mexico.

However, healthcare in Mexico has long been perceived as lower quality than the US and Canada, for a variety of reasons. This new survey provides strong research to combat this perception, showing the reality of high-quality care, patient satisfaction, and lower cost, as compared to the country where they normally seek services.

It’s a must-read for anyone who is considering moving to Mexico or relocating to seek medical care. Here are just a few reasons to celebrate the results of this study and who will benefit from the high-quality medical care in Mexico they can receive.


Retirement Destination

Mexico has long been a destination for retirement, because of the lower cost of living, cultural experience, and warm weather. However, another major consideration is health services, as retirees often cite affordable and comprehensive care as a top priority. This survey solidifies the reasons why people are choosing Mexico more frequently for their golden years.


Survey respondents cited that healthcare costs in Mexico were less than a quarter of what they were in the US or Canada. Healthcare savings is a serious consideration when deciding when and where to retire. Fidelity estimates that the average retired couple needs $285k saved after tax for healthcare expenses in the US. Savings will go much farther in retirement when the cost of healthcare is low, like in Mexico, adding significantly to the quality of life and allowing retirees to spend their money on other experiences.


Medical Repatriation

Medical repatriation is the process by which a person returns to their home country for care. The patient may have sustained a work-related injury or developed a chronic condition. No matter what type of care they require, it is often more favorable to seek that care in their home country. This process can be initiated by a variety of external conditions, including immigration issues, care availability, financial necessity, and more.

For those relocating to Mexico for services, especially for chronic conditions or long-term care plans, many raise concerns about the quality standard among countries. However, respondents to the study reported that access to medical care in Mexico was almost four times better than in the country where they were receiving care.


Compassionate Humanitarian Care

If you’re considering medical repatriation for yourself or a family member, consult Allista, who focuses on compassionate, humanitarian care for all. Allista guides those who are seeking medical care in Mexico through the process, connecting them, through Americas Hospital and Hospital en Casa, in Guadalajara Mexico, with a wealth of services like physical therapy, pharmacy, occupational health, imaging, emergency services, home care services, and more.

Allista’s trained professionals are instrumental in easing the transition between the US and Mexico’s healthcare systems, ensuring the patient’s care is consistent and high quality.

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