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9 Facts About Traumatic Brain Injury You May Not Know

A traumatic brain injury (TBI) is a CATASTROPHIC health situation and a major cause of disability and even death.  According to the CDC, between the years 2006 and 2014, the number of TBI-related injuries increased by 53%.  An estimated 1.4 million people in the U.S. suffer from traumatic brain injuries each year, although some go…
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What to Do When an Undocumented Loved One Needs Medical Treatment

  With approximately 11.3 million undocumented immigrants in the U.S. currently, some of them will inevitably need access to medical care. Especially among the elderly population, almost half of undocumented immigrants are completely uninsured.  A migrant or immigrant might feel apprehensive or scared about seeking medical treatment for reason of the immense financial burden, however,…
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How to Prepare in Case of a Work Related Injury Abroad

Working abroad inherently comes with an onslaught of questions regarding how to manage finances, legal matters, and medical treatment. Although many workers may not expect to find themselves dealing with a work-related injury while working abroad, it is a common occurrence. In the US, especially, farm work, agricultural labor, and construction pose a risk for…
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3 Myths About Medical Repatriation You Should Know

Medical repatriation is a complicated subject and it can feel almost impossible to get a clear answer about your future from your medical provider. There are many myths surrounding the subject that make it difficult to understand your rights as a patient or the rights of a loved one. While the topic can be particularly…
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3 Reasons Why Medical Deportation is an Ethical Practice

For obvious reasons, “deportation” can be a highly contentious issue. Many immigrants face deportation from the United States for reasons that are not clearly defined by law, leading many to feel that the practice is unethical and corrupt. Medical deportation, however, is a separate practice. Medical deportation refers to the deportation of immigrants—documented or undocumented—who…
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3 Reasons Why an Immigrant Would Be Deported

Many scenarios can lead to deportation from the United States. Many myths and misunderstandings about deportation have muddied the waters, making it harder to know what can and can’t legally result in deportation. Understanding some of the most common situations that may lead to deportation can help you to separate immigration myths from the facts…
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How Medical Repatriation Can Save American Health Care Costs

Immigrants often come to the US to receive medical treatment for serious illness and injury that they can’t get back in their home country. Others get sick while here in the US and need affordable health care to figure out how to treat their illness. Medical repatriation can be the financial saving grace for immigrants,…
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Medical Care for Undocumented Immigrants

Compared to all other populations in the United States, undocumented US immigrant workers have a harder time securing proper medical care due lack of insurance and financial resources. Since many immigrants have jobs that require physical labor, such as farm work, other agricultural labor, and construction, their risk for injury is higher than the risk…
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Study Proves Significant Satisfaction with Medical Care in Mexico

Have you heard the news? A recent study has shown that those who seek medical services in Mexico have a high level of satisfaction with their care. For many, this is something you already knew from experiencing medical care in Mexico. However, healthcare in Mexico has long been perceived as lower quality than the US…
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3 Ways A Case Manager Can Help Immigrants In Need of Medical Care

Navigating US healthcare and insurance systems can be challenging regardless of the circumstances, but these challenges are especially challenging for immigrants and their families. For immigrants with language barriers and/or questions about how immigrant status will affect care options, a well-trained case manager can really make a difference. Case Management involves the assessment, care coordination,…
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Common Therapy Practices for Work Related Injuries

  Work related injuries are far too common for employees in physically-demanding jobs, and they can often be devastating. In the aftermath of an injury, employees will need to navigate the options for short or long-term therapy. Some injuries may require more than one type of therapy or require mental health specialists to help alleviate…
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The Best Option for Immigrants in Need of Health Services

Immigrant health service in the United States has some tricky stipulations. US law requires hospitals to admit and treat any person in the country for an acute event regardless of income or immigration status. But what happens next? For immigrants without insurance, nursing homes or rehabilitation facilities are not an option. Most of these highly-specialized…
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The Choices Medical Professionals Have to Care for Undocumented Immigrants

The current political environment has affected the immigration status of many individuals. From DREAMers to those seeking asylum, many groups are experiencing uncertainty in their immigration status. This has created challenges for health care professionals who are trying to treat every patient with dignity and care. For undocumented immigrants, there are two options for treatment:…
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medical personnel Allista

5 Difficult Situations Faced by Medical Personnel

  On a good day, healthcare professionals face their fair share of challenges: work overload, the risk of burnout, lack of recognition of their effort and commitment… But in some cases, notably, when treating immigrants, difficult situations arise that make it even more challenging to obtain a positive outcome, both for medical personnel and patients.…
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medical repatriation

Difference Between Medical Repatriation and Medical Evacuation

There’s nothing scarier than suffering from a health problem or chronic condition, and not knowing if you have the money to afford treatment. Unfortunately, this is a problem that is all too common for migrant workers in the US who are suffering from an on the job injury or are battling an existing ailment. The…
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Chronic Care Solutions

Finding Chronic Care Solutions for Repatriated Patients

No matter where you are from, finding chronic care can be extremely difficult. Insurers rarely want to give a policy to somebody with a preexisting condition, or if they do, it comes at a steep price. This is doubly true for migrant workers who not only struggle with their health challenges but also have to…
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traumatic brain injury treatment Allista

How Mexican Hospitals Treat Traumatic Brain Injury Patients

A traumatic brain injury, or TBI, occurs when a blow to the head or an object penetrates the skull, resulting in a disruption in the way that the brain usually functions. This can happen during a work-related accident, such as a fall, or during other violent incidents such as car crashes or a building collapse.…
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occupational health

How Medical Repatriation Assists with Occupational Health for Migrants

It’s not surprising that healthcare in America is costly. Nonetheless, hospitals are required to care for patients regardless of their capacity to pay or not. When treatment is over, they are then to discharge patients to a suitable recovery place such as rehabilitation facility, nursing home or family member. Migrant workers are in a particularly…
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home care services

How to Find the Right Home Care Services for Migrant Patients

Home care services are an excellent alternative for people who need assistance on a regular basis, be it for health reasons, or because of age. Access to such services, however, may prove problematic for migrants.   Why Hire Home Care Services Providers There can be many reasons why you’d need services provided at home, but…
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what is case management

What Is Case Management and How Does It Affect Migrants

Case management is an integral component of the health care system, designed to deliver services to the enrolled patients in a holistic, cost-effective manner while preserving the quality of care. The matter, however, becomes a bit trickier for migrants who run into various challenges when seeking physical or mental care like access to health insurance,…
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work-related injuries

Issues Surrounding Work-Related Injuries for Migrants

One of the truths that seem universally accepted in the United States is employers are morally, ethically, and legally obligated to provide their employees with a safe working environment. From the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) to industry-specific regulations, all the way to lawsuits and work injury settlements, there are many systems in place…
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Migrant Workers Allista

Migrant Labor and the Occupational Health Standard in the United States

  According to the National Center for Farmworker Health, most farmworkers in the United States—72 percent—were born in foreign countries. By far the most common nationality for migrant labor in the U.S. is Mexican: 68 percent of all farmworkers in the country are Mexican-born. Farming isn’t the only industry dominated by this type of labor,…
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physical injury Allista

How a Physical Injury at Work Affects Emotional Health As Well

Dealing with Depression After a Physical Injury at Work Migrant workers are amongst the most vulnerable members of society in the US. They routinely face adverse conditions such as poverty, lack of adequate housing, isolation from their community and families, and exclusion from medical services due to their migrant/illegal immigrant status. To make matters worse,…
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Migrant Workers Allista

Most Common Injuries Obtained By Migrant Workers

  The International Labour Organization estimated that around 4% of the world population are migrant workers who leave their home country to search for work. The immigration status of a migrant worker can be legal or illegal. Undocumented immigrants are individuals who enter another country such as the U.S. without legal permission or fail to…
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case management Allista

Ensuring the Right Case Management Process for Immigrant Patients

Immigrants from around the world require culturally responsive evaluation and treatment planning for their medical needs. However, factors like the language barrier, poor health insurance policies, and immigration status are frequently not taken into account. The answer to incorporating the best medical repatriation practices for immigration lies in efficient case management process in social work…
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mexico hospitals Allista

Mexico Hospitals and Medical Repatriation in the USA

Mexico hospitals are playing an important role in the medical repatriation of immigrant patients located in US and Canadian hospitals.  Most of the time, patients are illegal immigrants without any medical insurance and ability to pay.  Hospitals in the USA are legally required to treat all medical emergency patients until they are in a stable…
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healthcare costs in Mexico

Health Analysis – Healthcare Costs in Mexico vs. United States

In the United States, immigrants make up about 13% of the total population. Health care facilities fail to provide adequate care to immigrants, especially undocumented immigrants. In addition, workers on temporary visas and legal permanent residents, who do not yet qualify for support are finding it hard to seek care. Finally, the consequences of insufficient…
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51018 - Exploring the choices healthcare migrants Allista Chronic Care Solutions

Exploring the Choices: Healthcare for Migrants

In today’s society immigration health care is a major cause for concern. Low-income immigrants lack health insurance. This is due to inadequacy in their access to public insurance like Medicaid or Children’s Health insurance programs as well as private job-based health insurance.  Immigrants are often associated with jobs in low insurance coverage sectors like agriculture,…
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chronic care management

Chronic Care Management Solutions in the Health Industry

Chronic Care Management involves ongoing care, education, and oversight activities by healthcare professionals to help patients understand their condition, to modify their lifestyle to adapt to their status, and successfully live with it. Chronic diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, lupus, multiple sclerosis and sleep apnea require frequent follow-up, regular monitoring, and ongoing care.…
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tbi treatment option

TBI Treatment Option – Why is Neuropsychological Therapy Important?

Neuropsychology, as the very name suggests, combines the fields of neurology and psychology to understand how your behavior or skills link to your brain structure and systems. When a person has undergone a severe traumatic brain injury (TBI), recovery requires intense rehabilitation to restore normal functioning as far as possible. In such, a rehabilitation team,…
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medical repatriation Allista

How to Incorporate the Best Medical Repatriation Practices in Immigration

Undocumented immigrant patients have put the medical faculty and international governments in a big dilemma worldwide. Hospitals are expected to accept any patient who presents to the emergency department. When patients who have an illegal immigration profile, it becomes challenging for hospitals to provide care, especially when they require ongoing medical care. They become at…
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immigration health care Allista

Immigration Health Care Options – Information, Facts, and Tips

Every human being, immigrant or not, has the right to life and preservation of health and well-being, international human rights law and domestic law and immigrants’ rights as per the constitution of our country. Immigration health care, this is a right of every immigrant. In the U.S, immigrants make up about 13% of the total…
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medical deportations Allista

Medical Deportations and the Effect on Undocumented Immigrants

Immigrant health care policy is a highly crucial and controversial subject of discussion. This issue needs a rapid conclusion considering the soaring costs of healthcare facilities and illegal status of the immigrant in need. Many hospitals singly, or in a joint venture with the private transport companies, function as an unauthorized immigration officer and deport…
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